Is e-TC right for me?

e-TC is appropriate for men who have completed active treatment (e.g., surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy) for testicular cancer, are currently cancer-free and are feeling down or stressed. If this sounds like you then you can see how it works and check whether this program is right for you here.

Is e-TC really going to help me?

  • e-TC has already been evaluated with a group of 25 men who suggested that e-TC is useful and would be particularly helpful for men who were experiencing distress in the form of anxiety, depression and/or fear of recurrence following their treatment for testicular cancer.
  • As this current phase of evaluation is targeted towards men with elevated levels of distress, your feedback will be invaluable in telling us whether this is, in fact, the case. Your participation in this study has the potential to help many other men, just like, in their recovery from testicular cancer.
  • Not every treatment works for everyone, but unlike other types of help for distress, e-TC is free, can be accessed in the privacy of your own home and has no negative side effects.
  • If you are unsure about whether you want to use e-TC, you may like to use this form to look at your personal views on the pros and cons of using e-TC, here.

If e-TC is not enough to help you cope, please talk to your GP or consult our resources page for more options. If you start medication or other psychological therapy during your e-TC study participation, please let us know (for research purposes).

What is expected of me?

You can watch a video on how it works.

What is our privacy policy?

  • All of the personal information and study data you provide will remain confidential. No identifying information will be shared with anyone outside the research team or published in any way.
  • Every effort has been made to ensure that your data are secure.
  • As with any online exchange of information, there is a small risk that your data may be accessed. However, the data collection systems we are using have a high level of security and we are very confident that there will not be any security breaches.
  • You can read a detailed version of our privacy policy here.

To sign up, watch the video on how it works and then click on the button below the video to confirm whether e-TC is right for you.