About e-TC

A number of men feel stressed out, flat and low following treatment, but few seek help for this. That’s why we have developed an easily accessible program that provides evidence-based information and psychological strategies for coping with the challenges of testicular cancer and its treatment. e-TC is made up of six modules:

1. Foundations – putting together a toolkit to manage stress and worry
2. After treatment – how you feel after treatment for testicular cancer
3. Changes – physical changes and side effects
4. Being a ‘man’ – masculinity and sexuality
5. Significant others – relationships and intimacy
6. Moving forward – life after testicular cancer

The material in this program has been put together by a team of researchers, psychologists, medical professionals and, importantly, men who have survived testicular cancer. Many studies have proven that the strategies we use in e-TC are effective. You can read some FAQs here or see how it works to get started.